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These are the 3 Tier options for the course:

Basic Complete Hands-On
$249 $299 $1000
6 basic course modules 6 basic course modules 6 basic course modules
2 additional course modules 2 additional course modules
40-minute private consult with Aaron Francis*

*limited to 30 spots

FAQs about

  1. What's the course about? teaches everything you need to know about how to make high-quality screencasts, faster and easier than ever before.

  2. What will I learn?

    The course is 8 modules with over 50 videos that teach you little-known, pro screencasting techniques that are easy-to-do and give you a high-quality finished product. You'll learn methods to:

    1. optimally plan and organize your content for efficient production
    2. calibrate the exact settings you need for a smooth recording process
    3. save hours on recording and editing while getting a polished end result
    4. publish and share your content so it can get you noticed and possibly make you more money
  3. Who is this course best for?

    • Developers or other techies who want to share tech content online
    • Non-technical people who think video editing is too hard
    • Anyone who wants to be seen as a credible expert when they create videos
    • Anyone who is ready to create and cares about the quality of their offerings
  4. Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. If anyone isn't fully satisfied with the course, they can request a refund at any time.


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