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Section 8: Teardowns

01. Teardown introduction

Learning from others’ work

As we've been on this journey together, you've spent a considerable amount of time watching my screencasts (thank you, by the way.)

Now, we're going to change things up. In this portion of the course, we're going to analyze other people's screencasts, breaking them down to better understand what works, what perhaps does not, and what we can learn from them.

I invited people to send in their work and received some amazing screencasts. Before we proceed further, here's a small disclaimer.

My taste is not your taste

When it comes to analyzing the quality of screencasts, I want to clarify one thing: I am no arbitrator of what's good and what's not. I am the arbiter of my taste! It's important for you to decide what you like, and do that.

If you watch these videos and find you disagree with my observations and critiques, that's fantastic! I believe developing a personal style for your videos or courses is vital. Remember, it's your taste that matters the most.

Not as savage as it sounds

While I've been calling this the "teardown section," we're not here to tear anyone down. Evaluating these videos is an opportunity to constructively examine what I feel is really good and could benefit from improvements.

Your challenge here is to dissect these perspectives and decide whether you'd like to incorporate certain elements into your own videos. Perhaps you'll find a critique I have given to be uncalled for and decide to do things differently. That's good! The aim here is to expose you to various examples and methodologies.

Remember, diversity in opinions and understanding can be incredibly helpful.

Let's dive into these amazing works and learn along with you!

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