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Section 2: Content Planning

08. Dictating your content

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This method is all about refining your process and leveraging the right tools, such as voice typing in Google Docs, to make your work easier. This might not be the right process for everyone, but it's still worth exploring. You might discover that this process complements your strengths perfectly or might inspire you to devise your own system.

Phase 1: The Research and Bullet Points

Before I start recording a video, I do thorough research on the topic and jot down key points I want to cover in the video. This is an important step to ensuring that all critical aspects of the topic are discussed and a comprehensive video is created.

Transforming bullet points into a video used to be a painful process – I would turn on the camera and try to find the connective tissue between the points while recording.

Phase 2: Drafting

But now, I've simplified the process by using Google Docs. Not anything too fancy, just the regular Google Docs we are all familiar with.

Here's how the process goes:

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